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Whisperers in the TV series or murmurers in the comics, are fictional beings created by Phobos. They also appear in the TV series with minimal role.



During the reign of Phobos, he began his cult and had become obsessed with himself. He recreated the royal court of Meridian and to favor his rule, he created the murmurers from a flower and from his own essence. The Whisperers served as his court officials, who were the only ones permitted to see Phobos in person. Daltar stated that Phobos was locked in the castle with the court of murmurers.[citation needed]

Apparently, some murmurers became independent and have gained their own will. Caleb was a murmurer who escaped Phobos' control.[1] Another is Rascal [2] and possibly Wali.[3]

Later Phobos developed a new kind of Whisperer, but more powerful, called the Annihilators.[1]

TV series

Whisperers in the TV version

In the TV series, the Whisperers are little creatures who lived inside the roses planted in the royal castle in Meridian. They pass all sorts of information on to Phobos and his supporters as Caleb was able to gain some information whilst in disguise.[4]


Images of Whisperers.