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William Collins is the one-year-old half-brother of Wilhelmina Vandom.



At first, Will was proud of having a brother, but when relatives started arriving, they keep calling William "Will" and Will "Wilhelmina," which she didn't like at all, causing her to resent her young sibling. This changed when she discovered that he has magical powers, she then wanted to keep him safe for being so young. It was shown that William has a very strong bond with Will, even in times when she had to go to the extreme of saving him from evil, such as the Dark Mother and the White Queen. Will even allowed William to sleep in her bed with her when his paternal grandparents were staying with the Collins-Vandoms and insisted.

Powers and Abilities

William safe in Will's arms

William has shown he's able to:

  • Create floating bubbles - In which he could play inside of.
  • Enlarging his milk bottle - For more consumption.
  • Conjuring up astral Butterflies and wild Animals - In order for him to interact.
  • Grow similar wings to his sister and others from W.I.T.C.H. - In order for him to fly.
  • Survive the transit between Earth and the Fast World.
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