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William Collins is the younger half-brother of Will Vandom.


Being a baby, William doesn't have much personality developed yet. He spends most of his time smiling and enjoying the world around him,[1] though will cry when scared.[2] He has a notably advanced understanding of the people around him, seeming able to understand what people want him to do such as hiding his magic.[3] As a newborn, he was able to call Will’s name[4] but his progression slowed down to match the abilities of other children his age by the time he went to daycare.[5] It is never established what age he is in any of his appearances, despite developmental changes from babbling newborn to mostly articulate toddler.[6]



Not long after their marriage, Susan and Dean found out they would soon have a baby. Susan informed Will who, despite already being under a lot of new pressure, was ultimately glad to be getting a little sibling. Susan made plans to give the new baby Will’s old clothes and that the two could play together.[7]

When Susan went to the doctor to learn the baby’s gender, she chose not to hear the news and entrusted Will as the secret holder. However, she and Dean couldn’t stand the wait and had Will tell them the gender anyway. Hearing it would be a boy, Dean was especially excited.[8]

Susan's advancing pregnancy led to Dean becoming overprotective to the point of annoyance. Even so, the Vandom-Collins tried their best to have a great family vacation.[9]

Dean and Susan were caught in a car accident[10] which frightened everyone, though the doctor confirmed Susan and the baby were alright. They remained under surveillance at the hospital for a day and during that time, Susan went into labor.[11]

Finally born

The baby was delivered quicker than expected and named William Collins. Everyone was overjoyed, especially his father and his midwife. When it was time for sleep, William was placed in his cot while Susan slept nearby in her hospital bed. However, Susan woke to find the baby next to her and assumed Will had moved him. This was the first display of William’s innate magical powers.[12] William was taken home to the Vandom-Collins residence and given his own room. Will did her part helping take care of him alongside their parents.[13]

Following the birth, relatives from Susan and Dean's families came to visit the new baby. The relatives called him “Will”, which confused and aggravated his sister until she blew up that this was her nickname. Susan asked “Wilhelmina” to change William’s diaper but as she took the baby, the rest of W.I.T.C.H. arrived to see him, too. The group went to William’s room and as none of them really knew how to change an infant, they left it to Will. After a few first attempts tries, she got it right and put her brother to bed, but William noticed strange insects sneaking in through the window and managed to call Will’s name to warn her, despite being a newborn. When his blanket came alive to attack, Will rescued him, the commotion of which bringing the other guardians running back in. Matt Olsen also paid a visit and William watched as Will became fed up with his attitude, not letting the older boy touch William. Once everyone left, Will put William to bed properly.[4]

William noticed when Will, overcome with too much power, began to change. As she tried to hold him, he cried inconsolably which caused his parents to come running in. Will passed him to Susan who shooed Dean off on an errand so he would stop hovering around the baby. In the evening time, Susan put William down for a nap, but he woke up and, with his magic having grown, discovered a way to give himself wings. He was flying around his nursery by the time Will came home and as she was back to normal; she was overjoyed that her baby brother was magical like her. Susan heard all of their ruckus and Will coaxed the boy into making the wings disappear so as not to frighten their mother.[3]

William's powers were growing stronger and Will was having a harder time hiding it from their parents. When he woke the house from hunger, Will arrived first and he expressed his love for her with magic, flying around in a bubble. Will barely deflected Dean and convinced William to dissolve the bubble. After that, he grew his bottle to double-size, impressing his sister. The night after that, William got hiccups which also made magical things happen. Will had to hide this all night long, leaving her exhausted. She would later make the decision to personally train her brother in how to use his magic.[14]

Late in the night, William was sleeping in his parents’ bed when he sensed the arrival of the naiad, scaring him awake. His cries woke Susan and Dean who noticed how cold the house had become. Susan took William to Will’s room, showing how his big sister was still sleep. The next morning, William was in a cheerful mood though Dean was falling asleep at the table from the late night. When Susan decided to take Will to the doctor for a check-up, she told Dean to change William and call their nanny to watch him.[2] Will would later remove the naiad and, as promised, she began guiding William in how to use his powers while keeping them a secret.

Target of Prof. Takeda

When Will allowed supposed amnesiac Liam to stay in their house, the boy (who was a spy for new enemy Prof. Takeda) approached William in his bedroom where he was asleep. Liam, ordered to find W.I.T.C.H.'s weak spot, realized the magical child would be such a key though the arrival of an oblivious Will stopped this from happening.[15] He reported his findings to his magic-hating boss, Prof. Takeda, but also showed reluctance to steal an innocent infant. Even so, he did agree to take the baby.[16]

Liam stormed the Vandom-Collins house, knocking out Susan, and approached William again who was awake this time. William recognized the visitor as “Iam” and was not afraid, perhaps sensing he wasn’t truly evil. Liam, regretting his desperation, snatched the baby and took him to Takeshita Inc. William slept through Liam confronting Prof. Takeda who ordered him to take the child to the Fast World and presumably destroy him. At such an order, Liam finally stood up to Takeda as inhuman, though his disintegrating form meant he couldn’t fight back. Liam took William through the tunnel and while the extreme temperature change woke the baby, his own magic kept him unharmed and he found the transfer exciting. Liam realized he didn’t have the heart to harm a child, even if it meant saving his lover’s life. He abandoned William in the Fast World, thinking the child's magic could keep him safe while Liam would only bring him more danger.[16]

William entertained himself with fast-moving insects until being found by Shinobu Takeda, who had also crossed to the Fast World. Like with Liam, he knew her name despite never meeting her before. She knew he was a victim of her father and took responsibility for protecting him in this strange new land. They were found by Black Army Soldiers and Shinobu carried William as she ran, though doing so wore out her energy. They were eventually found by the Black Queen, revealed to be Shinobu's long-lost sister Mariko Takeda who only wanted to protect them. Mariko absorbed Shinobu and William into her magical armor to keep them safe while she went to war.[1]

At the same time, W.I.T.C.H. had crossed over into the Fast World looking for William and after tracking Liam, they met The White Queen Arkaam. The White Queen’s prophet showed that the Black Queen had William. W.I.T.C.H. assumed the Black Queen meant the baby harm and agreed to join the White Queen’s army in battle. Mariko's Black Army clashed against the White Army plus W.I.T.C.H. The White Army had a clear advantage and when Mariko tried to attack Cornelia, the earth Guardian ripped Mariko's armor which revealed her to be a ghost. After this, the Black Army side was defeated and Mariko was imprisoned, though continued to hide Shinobu and William in her armor pieces.[1]

Following the battle, the White Queen refused to let W.I.T.C.H. speak to the Black Queen about the missing brother. Liam met the girls and convincing them to trust him, led them to Mariko's jail cell. There, the prisoners were rescued and William was reunited with Will. The White Queen interrupted them, revealing she wanted to trap them all together. She unleashed an artifact to freeze everyone, though Shinobu's new powers of invisibility let her go uncaught. The White Queen destroyed Liam and tried to do the same to Mariko, but Shinobu swooped in to destroy the artifact, freeing the group. The Guardians trapped the White Queen in an ice block to stall while they took William and the Takeda sisters away. They freed the remaining Black Army soldiers and all escaped on a street car.[1]

The Earthlings separated from the Black Army and fled from White City, trying to find the tunnel back to their dimension. William slept peacefully through the entire hunt, even the White Army's attack, and only woke up after the group had returned to Earth. They escaped the collapsing Takeshita Inc building and as only a few hours had passed on Earth, Will took him home with a lie to their mother that they had gone to the late-night cinema. Susan was of course livid and Will was grounded, while William was put to bed with Susan and Dean. Later, as the White Queen attacked Heatherfield trying to steal everything, Hay Lin used magic to draw William and his family out of their bed and hid them in an airport hangar. Once the battle was over and the danger has passed, Hay Lin returned everyone to their beds. The following morning, people assumed the entire thing was just a dream. It is unknown if William, being magical, was also unaware of what truly happened.[17]

Growing older and more powerful

Over time, William grew into a toddler and was enrolled into a nursery program. As the meeting day was on the last day of Sheffield Institute’s school year, Dean volunteered to take his son while Susan had a class reunion. However, Dean changed his mind and chose to follow Susan to her reunion to support her. Will took charge of William instead, dressing him and putting him on the baby seat on her bike. She asked him not to do any magic around the other children. When they arrived to the nursery, Will left William with the other children while she spoke to his teacher. As soon as the two left, William began playing with the other children who showed him their animal toys. Inspired, he forgot Will's earlier words and summoned elephants and lions in the daycare, turning the playroom into a jungle. Will magicked everything away, encouraging William to help, then took her brother home once the meeting was finished. Will explained to William that he shouldn’t use magic in front of other kids as it could frighten them. Unknown to Will, the kids enjoyed their day though couldn’t explain the magical elements to their parents. The siblings met their returned parents at the house and William tried to talk about the animals he'd conjured, though luckily they couldn’t understand his baby talk.[5]

William attended his sister's big swimming competition. When Will's powers turned the swimming pool into an illusion of a waterfall, his parents rushed him out of the building.[18]

When Queen Nihila struck Heatherfield with her powers of fate, she discovered that W.I.T.C.H. were immune to her mind-control. To get around this, she attacked their families instead. Susan was lured out of her house, leaving William alone and vulnerable while a wardrobe nearly fell on him. Will arrived in time to save the baby and rushed him to the Teach 2b W.I.T.C.H. bus where she and Kandor were gathering the other magic children. William remained there until W.I.T.C.H. defeated Nihila and freed Heatherfield.[19]

William joined Susan and Will in grocery shopping while mother lectured daughter on being more helpful at home. William was attracted to the ice cream section and though he wanted every flavor, Susan gave him only one. Talk went on to Will becoming cook of the house and while she decided on her menus, William again asked for ice cream which Susan jokingly agreed with.[20]

As Susan and Anna Lair chaperoned W.I.T.C.H. on a beach vacation to Southgate, William and Chris Lair came along, too. William enjoyed playing with Chris and running around the beach, even though it drove the moms crazy. On the second day of the vacation, Chris hid William in the sand so he could pop out and surprise Anna, which the smaller boy found hilarious. W.I.T.C.H. left the group shortly after to do their own things (including meeting a starfish princess). That evening, Susan and Anna took the boys to the movies while W.I.T.C.H. stayed out on the beach (and fought an army of sharks). The next day, William watched Susan take a picture of his sister and her friends as they made a starfish shape in the sand.[21]

Dean's parents, Patricia and Simon, arrived to Heathfield to stay for a while and meet their grandchildren. The two took it upon themselves to "improve" the house, though caused a lot of chaos and even William was upset when forced to sleep in his room with Will instead of with his parents. At this situation, the baby cried which left Will and her phone to comfort him all night. The next morning, he and his family were woken up early by Patricia who scheduled a morning jog for them all. William was carried in a backpack by Dean, sleeping through it all. In the days that followed, more changes were made and William was even given a new nanny, Gudrun, who trained him to sleep in his own bed though he wasn’t happy about it. Despite all of this, the family did become closer and on the last night of the visit, the grandparents treated them to an expensive dinner. The next morning, the Vandom-Collins saw them off at the airport, where Patricia and Simon declared the next visit would be at their own home. However, by the time William’s family reached home, they learned the grandparents would need to stay longer as a strike at the airport delayed their flight.[22]

Neither William nor his parents were awaked when Will was attacked by Lady Giga’s energy, forcing Will to shut off their electricity to save herself. The next morning, they found their frozen food melted which limited their breakfast options.[23]

William joined his family on their vacation cruise. His speech had improved remarkable as he was able to ask for ice cream in a sentence. His sister was unenthusiastic for most of the vacation, moping about Matt, though her mood improved with encouragement from Cornelia Hale and an unexpected friend.[24] Following the trip, William remained oblivious to his sister’s misery after breaking up with Matt though once her mood began to improve, she carried on with their private magic lessons, teaching him to levitate in place. Eventually, Will and Matt got back together and all returned to normal.[25]

When a dangerous rainstorm struck Heatherfield, William and his family had to be evacuated from their home. The Hales took them in and he got along well with Lilian Hale, who was glad to babysit and play with him.[26]

William and his family went on a vacation to the mountains. Will put up a sound-barrier in the car to protect her and William from their parents’ road trip songs. He later found amusement watching Will save Dean from his own bad decisions while trying to lead the nature hikes. As they readied for bed, he pulled his sister out of her boredom by asking her to play with him. Agreeing, she cast magic on his blocks but had to stop when almost caught by Susan. The next day, Will wanted to skip out on more hiking but William encouraged her to join them. As it turned out, Susan and Dean invited Matt to join their vacation which greatly improved Will's mood.[6]

William, Susan, and Dean greeted Will as she returned home, having completed her graduation to Magical Sovereign.[27]

Powers and abilities

William safe in Will's arms

William has shown he's able to:

  • Create floating bubbles - In which he could play inside.[citation needed]
  • Enlarging his milk bottle - To eat more.[citation needed]
  • Conjuring up astral butterflies and wild animals - In order for him to interact with.[28]
  • Grow similar wings to the Guardians' - In order for him to fly.[3]
  • Survive transit between Earth and the Fast World.[1]