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W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part 4. Trial of the Oracle Vol. 1 is the 10th volume of the Yen Press Graphic Novels. It was first published on 25th September 2018, alongside volume 11 and volume 12, together collecting all of Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle. It was released in both paperback and digitally by the Yen Press imprint JY[1].


The Oracle Accused!

A shadow moves over Kandrakar, and the Oracle can feel it stirring. When a member of the Congregation questions his recent decisions and his involvement in human affairs, Kandrakar's leader suddenly finds himself on trial! The girls are called to testify, but given their recent treatment by the Oracle, will they stand with him or against him...?


  1. Issue 037: The Dispute
  2. Issue 038: The Heart's Desire
  3. Issue 039: A Flutter of Wings
  4. Issue 040: The Last Secret

Bonus content

This volume includes two double-page spreads on Taranee's and Cornelia's wardrobes, pointing out details.


Credits for this volume, separate from the issues, are:

  • Cover art by Manuela Razzi
  • Colors by Andrea Cagol
  • Translation by Linda Ghio and Stephanie Dagg at Editing Zone
  • Lettering by Katie Blakeslee