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W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part 5. The Book of Elements Vol. 3 is the 15th volume of the Yen Press Graphic Novels. It was first published on 18th June 2019, alongside volume 16, collecting the second half of Arc 5: The Book of Elements. It was released in both paperback and digitally by the Yen Press imprint JY[1].


An Enemy Redeemed?

To save Matt, the Guardians must track down the elemental gems required to open the Book of Elements, but no one ever said the task would be easy! Meanwhile, Cedric finds himself increasingly drawn to Orube...


  1. Issue 057: The Island of Memories
  2. Issue 058: Illusions
  3. Issue 059: The Jaws of the World
  4. Issue 061: Air and Earth

Bonus content

This volume includes two double-page spreads on Hay Lin's attic and Irma's bathroom, pointing out details.


Credits for this volume, separate from the issues, are:

  • Cover art by Manuela Razzi
  • Colors by Francesco Legramandi
  • Translation by Linda Ghio and Stephanie Dagg at Editing Zone
  • Lettering by Katie Blakeslee