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Yua is a main villain in Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. She is the banshee Ari captured to hopefully cure his son's "illness".


Yua, like all banshee, is very beautiful. She has wavy greenish yellow hair that falls well past her waist. Because she naturally lives in swamps her hair is often damp, making it appear straighter and even longer. She is pale and slim, with a few large, green spots on her forehead. Aside from this she has a few other non-human like physical qualities. For instance, her ears are pointed and she possesses abnormally sharp upper and lower canine teeth which can be intimidating when she is angry. She is always seen wearing a long, pale yellow dress that is torn around the bottom.


Yua lived in the swamps of Arkhanta with her banshee sisters. While they were declared the most evil and wicked creatures, Yua was happy with them.[1] Yua was known as the most evil, dangerous banshee of them all.[2]

One day while off on her own, Yua was ambushed by the human man Ari, captured with his ribbon and unable to escape. As was customary, Yua offered him three wishes in return for her freedom and Ari asked for her to heal his son. Yua gladly told him that such a wish could not be granted as her powers had no effect on life and death. Devastated by this, Ari changed his wishes: he asked her to create the Scarlet Stronghold as Maqi's home, he asked for great wealth to give Maqi everything he needed, but then he asked her to remain his servant and eternally grant his wishes. Yua was outraged at this horrible trick but as she was bound by the magic of the wishes, she could not refuse.[1]

Now under Ari's command, Yua was taken away from her sisters and locked in the dungeon of the Scarlet Stronghold, trapped in a small pond with her hands bound by ribbons, a symbol of her imprisonment. From that day on, she referred to Ari as "master" and obeyed his every command, using her powers to transform Arkhanta from a wasteland to a paradise, earning him the love of all people who crowned him ruler. Over the years of this imprisonment, Yua begged and pleaded for her release, though Ari always refused.[3] Her misery and hatred grew with time, strengthening her powers as she dreamed of someday getting her revenge.[4]

Eventually, Ari became so confident in Yua's great strength – ignoring the danger she would present - that he wanted to attack Kandrakar. In his eyes, the Oracle did not deserve to be hailed as a great being because he never “heal” Maqi when Ari begged for help. The Oracle became worried of Ari's hatred and power, sending diplomats to Arkhanta so that they might convince him to give up this quest.[5] Ari had Yua attack the diplomats, driving them crazy, then sending them back to Kandrakar. There, they screamed at the Oracle as "the cause of everything", cursing him and trying to attack him. This convinced the Oracle that Ari would not accept peace.[1]

The Oracle sent his Guardians to Arkhanta to convince Ari to free Yua and stop his quest to destroy Kandrakar. This of course failed and newest Guardian Orube (temporarily replacing Taranee Cook) tried to attack the lord. This sparked a battle between them and Ari called on Yua to send them all to their doom. Yua obeyed, transporting the group out to the forest and under a waterfall where she hoped they would drown. They escaped using the powers of Hay Lin and Irma Lair, returning to the Stronghold to try again. This time, Yua trapped them inside of the stronghold and attacked them with lightning, earthquakes, and unstoppable fire. With no way to overcome this, the group left Arkhanta. Yua repaired the stronghold and continued her solemn imprisonment until next she was called on.[1]

Yua amused herself in her prison by lifting waterdrops up from her pond, chanting ominously. This spooked the guards in charge of her prison and they whispered tales to each other of her taste for human flesh. Yua's entertainment was cut short by the arrival of Ari, demanding she be silent. She flippantly greeted him as “Master of Arkhanta” and asked why he came to “visit”. He wanted to see what the Guardians of Kandrakar were doing. Yua found his fear amusing though when he asked if she could measure herself to their powers, she displayed her abilities by eating a flower. This gave her the ability to see through space and time, showing Ari what the Guardians were doing at that exact moment on both sides of Earth. After watching the bickering between Orube, Irma, and Will Vandom, she deduced their great weakness was the doubt they had in each other and in the Oracle. However, Ari snapped that he did not need her advice on how to beat them, ordering her to wait for his next command as he left the prison. Yua obeyed, muttering to herself of how she would always serve him and patiently wait for his orders. She decided now to amuse herself by counting the sweat drops on the guard's faces, enjoying how terrified she made them.[2]

Later that day, Ari came to Yua with a command to enchant Maqi's spinning top to attack the Guardians. They were currently hiding in the village of Urdath where a harvest festival was taking place, but even this did not stop Ari from sending a tornado. It decimated Urdath, leaving the Guardians to save the people. As Yua's power was now so great, she succeeded in ripping the Heart of Kandrakar out of Will's hands with the tornado, though the Keeper managed to get back by jumping into the winds. The four members of W.I.T.C.H. joined their powers and settled the windstorm, finding the top in the center and knowing Ari and Yua were the ones to attack them. The people of Urdath rebuilt their town, though this attack began to sway the minds of the people that Ari was not a just lord after all.[2]

On a new day, Ari went to Yua with his next command: let him speak to the Oracle directly. She warned it would be no small task but as it was his wish, she would grant it. By now, her hatred for Ari had given her more power than before and she was able to open a window into Kandrakar where "her master" could at last speak with the Oracle face to face. The smug lord taunted the observer with this new ability, to which the Oracle called him impudent and arrogant. A new barrier was erected to prevent further breaches, but Ari had already fulfilled his goal to spook his enemy.[6]

As Ari hoped, this act lured the Guardians back to Arkhanta and once they entered the Scarlet Stronghold, Yua attacked them. She separated Orube from the group, dragging her down into the dungeon while the others were stuck in an impenetrable box. The warrior put up a good fight, but Yua's powers overwhelmed her and on Ari’s commanded, she turned the woman into her puppet. With Orube's mind under control, she sent the new Guardian upstairs where she was found by the others, who had escaped their box. The woman tried to free her mind, warning her allies not to take her to Kandrakar, but Yua maintained her control and she fainted. W.I.T.C.H. were too confused and took her to see the Oracle anyway, just as Ari hoped. The possessed Orube attacked the Oracle and W.I.T.C.H. though they quickly realized this was Yua’s doing. They funneled their powers through their mind-controlled ally to strike Yua directly, severing her hold on Orube.[6]

Ari left the castle on business, during which W.I.T.C.H. (now rejoined by Taranee) and Orube snuck inside, trying to find Yua’s dungeon so they could free her. They instead found Maqi and as the boy could sense the invisible Guardians, he fled from them all the way to Yua’s dungeon. The soldier on guard tried to protect the boy, but the vindictive banshee easily overpowered the guard and knocked him out just as the Guardians arrived. Will told her they had come as friends, wanting to set her free, but Yua only laughed at their naïve confidence that they could overpower the bonds of magic which kept her trapped. Since only Ari could do such, she would “convince” him to by taking his beloved son as a captive. She lured the boy closer with lies that she was a friend, then dragged him into her pond.[4]

Irma jumped in after him and though Yua was confident she could destroy the Guardian in her domain, Irma’s powers over water kept her back. Yua tried to keep Maqi but Irma launched the banshee out of the pond, escaping with Maqi. Now seeing W.I.T.C.H. were powerful, Yua pretended to be helpless though as they insisted they just wanted to end all the madness, she declared she didn’t want such a simple ending. Her true desire was to bring about great destruction and bind Ari as he did her, a proper revenge for what she had suffered. For now, having no need of the girls, Yua called on Ari and told him the Guardians were trying to hurt his son. She teleported the lord to the dungeon, letting him see the unconscious Maqi and he fully believed that they were the villains instead of Yua. Ari commanded Yua to destroy his enemies once and for all, though the Guardians fled using the Heart of Kandrakar.[4]

Ari stormed into Yua’s dungeon, now demanding that she send him to Kandrakar. Yua pointed out that instead of doing that, “Kandrakar” was coming to him as the Guardians had retuned. One of the outside guards came to tell the same, and Ari was determined to personally make them suffered for what he mistook as an attack on his child. He asked Yua to give him a way to defend himself and she warned that such armor would be hard to control, though he angrily commanded her obey. Yua constructed for him magical armor and sword that would give him strength, but also be light enough to move in.[3]

Ari donned the armor and went to battle W.I.T.C.H. and Orube in his house, with a clear advantage over them. Will managed to slip away and came to Yua's lair, again trying to convince her to disobey Ari's control. Yua pointed out her inability to fight Ari, even if she did want to side with the Guardians. She challenged Will to free her but as she thought the girl useless, she surrounded the Guardian’s head in a cup’s worth of water, threatening to drown her on the spot. Will used the Heart of Kandrakar to break free and swore that though Yua was deranged, she would find a way to free her. Yua scoffed at this threatening promise while Will returned to the battle upstairs. Against all odds, W.I.T.C.H. and Orube defeated Ari and as a team, came down to Yua's prison where the banshee sarcastically congratulated them. All six Guardians joined together with the Heart of Kandrakar and finally managed to overwhelm Yua's bonds, breaking her free of Ari's wish and his control. Yua was astounded by this but delighted to finally have her freedom after so many years. She thanked the severely weakened Guardians for their help and announced her plan to finally take her just revenge while they could do nothing to stop her.[3]

Yua took Maqi from his room and went to find Ari, still stuck on his back from where he’d been beaten. Standing over the helpless man, she showed that she was free and had Maqi in her hands. Ari, terrified, commanded her not to touch his son but Yu gloated about no longer being in his command. She told him of her previous thought to destroy the man after all the years he’d stolen from her, but his life didn’t feel like enough. Ari then begged her not to harm his son and the banshee declared that she would instead take the boy as her own child, feeling that after years of watching him grow up that he was partly hers now, too. Ari screamed after her, sobbing within his unmovable armor, declaring Maqi was all he had. But Yua declared he would no longer have anything at all, taking Maqi as well as all the magic she had used. While she flew away with the child, the Scarlet Stronghold vanished as did Ari's armor, leaving him still sobbing for his loss.[3]

Yua took Maqi back to the banshee swamp with her, leaving his tunic behind on a tree trunk. Despite her sisters’ hatred of humans, Yua kept Maqi unharmed and none of the others tried to touch the boy. When Ari returned for his son, joined by the Guardians, the other banshees attacked them but were defeated. This outraged Yua who came out to face them, still holding Maqi in her arms and declaring they had no right to capture her sisters. Ari lunged at her, trying to take back his son. Yua tried to fly away, saying Ari was the true villain who imprisoned her and made his slave, while Aru clung to her clothing, demanding the return of his innocent son. With this midair struggle, Yua lost her grip on Maqi and he dropped to the ground, landing hard. This stopped the fight cold and all rushed to check on the boy. Ari tried to cradle him but Yua meekly advised they should not move him, only to be harshly rebuked by the heartbroken father. As a weeping Ari asked if she was pleased with what she had caused, the saddened Yua admitted that she only wanted revenge for the suffering Ari had done to her; never wanting to harm little Maqi.[3]

Orube checked on the child and declared him very weak, but while the others suggested taking him to Kandrakar for treatment, she agreed with Yua that it was too dangerous to move him. They decided to use the Gift of Xin Jing and each Guardian transferred this healing power into the unconscious child. Maqi recovered and to everyone’s surprise, could now speak and show emotions. Overjoyed, Ari thanked the Guardians for their help and admit his previous wrongdoings in blaming the Oracle. Yua watched all of this and considered if she might still attack Ari. Ultimately, she decided she no longer cared about hatred or revenge, wanting only to rest. She sunk back into her home, going back to her sisters.[3]

Balance was restored to Arkhanta and neither Yua nor her sisters were ever mentioned again.

Powers and abilities

It is said that Yua is the most powerful among her kind.[2]

  • Reality warping: Yua is said to be the most powerful of her kind: since Ari captured her, she was bending reality according to his desires making his every wish comes true.[1]
  • Conjuring: Yua has the power to conjure anything she likes, but in her case she was forced to use her powers for Ari, like conjuring his Palace the Scarlet Stronghold, the immense riches that Ari has,[1] his invincible shield which has the power of Force Field Generation and a wall out of nothing.[3]
  • Elemental powers: Yua has the power to conjure the elements, like she did when she attacked the Guardians by conjuring powerful living flames from beneath the floor that seek its enemies; conjured water to try making them drown to death; making thunder and lightning appear in the sky as well as electrocuting Ari;[1] conjure powerful tornado by spinning Maqi's toy only that was able to destroy a whole village[2]; manipulate the earth's ground and walls, make them shrink to try and crush the Guardians as well as transforming the earth into a tar like substance that was able to sink Orube to her lair, that even Cornelia's powers were powerless against.[6]
  • Time & space manipulation: When Ari asked Yua to spy on the Guardians, she simply told Ari to look into her eyes and he saw what the Guardians were doing.[2]
  • Energy blasts: when Orube attacked her, she emitted powerful energy blast that knocked Orube down and let her see her past in a flash.[6]
  • Telekinesis: Yua was able to fling a guard's staff to show Ari that the armor that she conjured for him was invincible.[3]
  • Superhuman strength: When Yua was attacked by Ari's guard with his staff, she was able to hold his staff and throw him with considerable distance.[4]
  • Flight: Yua was seen flying when she tried to escape with Maqi.[3]
  • Possession: Yua possessed Orube after hitting her with the energy blast.[6]


  • Power over life & death: Yua can't heal a person from a disease and she can't resurrect the dead; she told that to Ari when he told her to heal Maqi.[1]


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