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Who knew there were this many shades of purple?

Cornelia on Zamballa

Zamballa, also known as the Purple Planet, is a lush jungle planet composed almost entirely out of purple plant life. It contains various species of plants and insects, but the only sentient lifeforms are the Zamballans, who resemble animate maroon/purple trees themselves. Being mostly jungle, it is extremely humid and even the rivers and ponds are considered quite warm. The insects and plant life, however, adore the humidity and thrive on it, growing to immense sizes.

Zamballa also has a twelve-hour difference with Heatherfield.[1]


Zamballa the Purple Planet

Zamballa had always been a peaceful planet, the only conflict it ever saw being otherworldly threats from beings such as Phobos and Nerissa. The Zamballans lived peacefully in the thriving jungles with the insects and other plant life until the day Phobos and his army attempted to invade the planet. Halinor, Yan Lin, and Kadma, the last remaining Guardians, arrived and helped defend the planet from Phobos' attack. Grateful for their help, Ironwood, the leader of the Zamballans, offered Kadma the Heart of Zamballa due to her fierce defense of the world, possibly due to her element, and invited her to live on Zamballa. Kadma accepted her offer and quit the Guardians, becoming Queen of the Zamballans.[1]

Kadma and the Zamballans proceeded to build a home for Kadma to live in. Using stones and rocks from the Stone Quarry, they constructed a large stone palace which towered over the forest, allowing Kadma and Zamballans to observe and watch over the surrounding area.[2]

When the Veil was raised by the Council of Kandrakar to stop Phobos, possibly In part due to his invasion of Zamballa, Zamballa was shut off from the rest of the infinite dimensions and Kadma had not been able to contact her former Guardian friends or anyone else outside her world.[1]

The Guardians learned of Zamballa from Yan Lin, who told them the story of when she was a Guardian and had to protect the world of Zamballa from an attack of Phobos.[1]

But with the Veil lifted and Nerissa was out to control all the previous Guardians, they all agreed Kadma must be warned, but Nerissa and her Knights were already there and are glamoured as W.I.T.C.H. destroying Zamballa. Soon Kadma learned of the deception and with Taranee's help she managed to defeat Nerissa.[1]

The Guardians and Kadma teamed up to try and defeat Nerissa once and for all and come up with the idea of taking the Heart of Meridian. At first, Will had the chance to but refused, saying that much power would corrupt her. Kadma instead took it and merged the two Hearts which formed the Seal of Nerissa. Because Hearts cannot be taken by force, Nerissa had two Hearts and Kadma under her control. The Zamballans and the Guardians gathered to discuss what should happen next.[2]

Ironwood makes herself Regent of Zamballa and her first act is to banish the Guardians and Yan Lin from their world so that Nerissa is never tempted to return.[2]

After Nerissa's defeat, the Heart of Zamballa was returned and Kadma abdicated from her throne to live on Earth, while Ironwood took the Heart and was made Queen herself.[3]


Zamballa is a purple world with a jungle stretching out as far as the eye can see. At the center is a Pyramid, the palace where Kadma lives while the Veil is still in effect. The Zamballans themselves look like walking purple trees.


Zamballa's only sentient species are the Zamballans; tree-folk of varying sizes who watch over the planet and protect it.


The Zamballan Palace

The Zamballan Palace located in a wilderness within Zamballa.

The Zamballan Palace is a pyramidal stone palace built for the queen. It has been the home of Queen Kadma for many years.[1]

Swamps of Shené

This location in the Zamballan wilderness called the Swamps of Shené is where Nerissa and the Knights of Destruction were attacked by the Guardians and Kadma.[citation needed]

Stone Quarry

The Stone Quarry is the only area on Zamballa where plant life does not grow. It is a deep pit composed entirely out of stone, with numerous tunnels at the bottom, dug by Kadma, that spread in all directions. Kadma and the Zamballans used the quarry to gather the stones they needed to build the Zamballan Palace.[2]



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